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The authority

The Port Authority of Civitavecchia Fiumicino and Gaeta is at the core of the logistics system linking Rome and central Italy to the rest of Europe and the Mediterranean. As well as the area of Lazio, and in particular the area of Rome with over three million people, the network represents a reference point for other regions with their markets, such as Campania, Umbria, Tuscany and Marche, and for access to the most popular Italian tourist destinations and to the most captivating cruise routes of the Mediterranean.

In the heart of the Mediterranean, the Port Network of Roma and Lazio, made up of Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and Gaeta, with the extension of the territorial constituency of the Port Authority of Civitavecchia started in 2002 and completed in 2003, first example in Italy of a regional port system, is the cornerstone for the construction of the “Lazio logistics platform”. The network aims at the rationalization and integration of each single seaport’s resources and favours sea transport and traffic growth, thanks to the extension of the offer and the specialization of each port. The system logic grants the possibility of offering national and international clients a plurality of opportunities in different sectors: from passenger traffic and cruise passengers and short sea shipping trade, to commercial traffic of every kind: from solid and liquid bulk to automobiles, from agribusiness to containers.

In fact the ports of Rome and Lazio are in the centre of the country, in the second area of the Italian market and fifth in Europe, located in the most important consumer and production base and linked to the Italian and European logistics network thanks to rapid road, train and air links.

The Port Authority is a public non-economic body, with an autonomous administration, established according to law 84/94, and is conferred with tasks of orientation, planning, coordination, promotion and control of port operations, and other commercial and industrial activities carried out in the ports, with regulating and ordinance powers. The Port Authority is entrusted with the management of state owned areas and the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the common areas of the port. The entrustment and control of services of general interest for port users is also envisaged.

The new Port Authority office block is the logistics and directive cornerstone of a dock in great and dynamic expansion, both in local and economic terms. The building, located in a strategic position between the historical port of Civitavecchia and the new areas dedicated to commercial traffic, has been recently doubled in size with the inclusion of the former Border Police offices, completely renovated with a modern and elegant design the inside of which recalls a ship. Centre of gravity of all buzzing sectors of port life, it hosts a conference hall with over 200 seats, only location of Alto Lazio, apart from Rome, able to host congresses at a national and international level, with simultaneous translating and multimedia devices.

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