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As far as freight traffic is concerned, the port is expecting the recovery, after having suffered the effects of the international crisis that brought about a drastic reduction of the movement of all types of commodities. From a statistical point of view, the port of Civitavecchia is one of the few in Italy to close in positive and overall is the one that grows the most: in total, 10,802,348  tons of goods were moved with a +18% compared to 2010. Carbon represents one of the positive aspects, with the unloading of fossil fuel for the Enel power station. Liquid bulk is once again increasing a lot.
A special mention goes to containers. The consignment of the new terminal at wharf 25 coincided with the inversion of the negative trend of the past few years. In fact an amount of 38,165 teus was registered, with a slight decrease compared to 2010, but with over a 50% increase in traffic compared to the situation of the previous more recent period.
 In total, the Network with 19,196,168 tons of goods moved in 2011 increases by 16% compared with the previous year.
At Fiumicino 5,799,071 tons of liquid bulk (including crude oil and refined products)were moved, 11% more than 2010.
At Gaeta the port increases by 23%, with 2,594,749 tons of goods. Also here liquid bulk "weighs" more (1,895,375 tons., + 22%), but solid bulk increases even more (699,374 tons., +27%) among which especially carbon, ore and cement stand out.

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