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Home » Port Authority » Safety and occupational hygiene

Safety and occupational hygiene

Safety and hygiene at work, meant as a bulwark for the safeguarding of health and as a tool to improve the psycho-physical well-being of workers, is for the Port Authority of Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and Gaeta an essential element. The steady increase and improvement of relative standards is the target that the Authority has set itself, both to placate the innate criticalities of port operations concerning commercial traffic, entailing the coexistence of different types of work activities, which in order to carry out structural and infrastructural development works of the seaport properly, if their implementation is rationalized, optimized and well-coordinated, assume a qualitative competitiveness character of the seaport. 
To this aim, an articulated and productive debate is constantly active among the Port Authority, Employers, Workers and Trade Union Organizations, involving all the principle figures of port enterprise safety lending important indications in order to identify further needs of the safety at work “sector” inside our seaport. Indications that are used to give a further boost to the path undertaken by the Port Authority towards a “Safe Port”, aimed at the integrate development of the same with the different work activities, for the growth of the Enterprise and employment, thus offering more and more opportunities of work to the advantage of the district without neglecting Safety at work. In this optic there is a firm belief that the circulation of information, news and data could represent an added value for this specific and dynamic productive context.


According to proposals put forth by the Committee of Hygiene and Safety at the Port of Civitavecchia, since the month of January 2012, the Port Authority has started a series of meetings with the aim of raising awareness of port enterprises and corporate figures involved in prevention activities of which Decree Law n°81 and s.m.i. 
The meetings were specifically focused upon the role of the Health and Safety Managers (HSM) and Foremen (Proposed). 
This is to fully acknowledge the purpose of Decree Law 81/2008 of involving these figures, even if they have different roles, in the planning and implementation processes of safety measures and relative procedures, so that they become an active part of company actions concerning safety thus being able to lend their valued contribution in order to acquire every useful element for the continuance and consolidation of prevention and safeguarding policies of work safety and hygiene inside the Port. 
The first series of meetings carried out so far have  involved the safety actors of the enterprises art.16 and art.17 Law 84/1994, enterprises that operate with their own personnel inside the same operative port scenarios which are also frequently interfering and conditioned by the numerous types of  goods/traffic “to work” . For this reason, and for the finality that anyhow presupposes the involvement of the HSM in the crucial planning and monitoring phases and the improvement of safety procedures in port operations of the single companies, a series of significant operative proposals have been indicated as well as highlighting operative opportunities in the optic of improving safety standards.
The first elaborated proposals have been summed up as:
  • Standardization of modalities for reporting accidents or near accidents, to be used for procedure re-elaboration and to render the contents clear and straightforward;
  • Standardization of modalities of working procedure elaboration so that they correspond respond to the contents, the minor ones including the exact indication of the safety actors and work phases of the notification along with the exact description of the operative scenarios and identified criticalities. This standardization was elaborated and proposed by the local Servizio SPRESAL Asl Rmf, in communion with the  Hygiene and Safety Committee of the Port of Civitavecchia. 
During 2013, the Port Authority will continue to promote and facilitate the achievement of objectives of the “Safe Port” project, with meetings and debates among the different subjects representing the assurance of health and safety at work. 
For a deeper awareness towards the theme of “safety at work” in confrontation with Employees, Managers and Supervisors, HSM and Workers, the Port Authority has proceeded to the printing and distribution of information booklets about specific arguments which interest the figures of enterprise security: 

Safety regulations


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