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Sea Highways

Civitavecchia is one of the first seaports in Italy for passenger flow, every year registering, for short sea shipping and the Sea Highways, the transit of over 2 million people. There are numerous connections, operated by different shipping companies, leaving for Sardinia, an island for which the Lazio port has always been the door on the continent. Tirrenia, with daily departures the whole year round, goes from Civitavecchia to Olbia, Arbatax and Cagliari. Moby Lines sails to Olbia from April to September. Grimaldi Group Napoli in the summer goes from Civitavecchia to Porto Torres, calling at Barcellona. 

Civitavecchia last stop of the sea highways

Civitavecchia, apart from the traditional links to Sardinia, most important it is the last stop of the “Sea Highways” linking the islands and the Mediterranean coast. The development of the Sea Highways will bring significant advantages to the Italian port system from an economic and environmental point of view as well as safety, transferring thousands of articulated lorries from ground to sea highways. 
A bridge for Sicily 
Throughout the year, three times a week and daily in the summer, it is possible, also just for a weekend, to go to Palermo, one of the most fascinating cities in the Mediterranean, thanks to the service operated by Grande Navi Veloci. Some years ago the Grimaldi Napoli Group also activated a direct line to Catania and Malta and one to Trapani and Tunisia. 
A water route for Europe
Civitavecchia is by now a fundamental hub for the Sea Highways for all the western Mediterranean: Spain, Tunisia and Malta are permanently linked to Lazio. 
 SPAIN: the Grimaldi Napoli Group operates a daily line to Barcelona, that over the years has become absolutely one of the main links for the sea highways of the Mediterranean. There are also links to Valencia and Tarragona for Ro-Ro traffic. 
The port beyond Europe
The Grimald Napoli sea highway route Civitavecchia-Tunisia is an important step forward for the port as it is the first tract linking a non-Schengen country. 
 Also Grandi Navi Veloci has weekly “prolonged” its lines to Sicily as far as  Tunisia, establishing Civitavecchia as a logistics reference for enterprises with business relations in North Africa, and for the large Tunisian community of Rome and central Italy.

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