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Historical port

After the international competitive exam of ideas published by the Port Authority in 2003, and awaiting the results of the conference of the services that should be declared concerning the private project presented in the last years, the Port Authority is continuing with redevelopment works of the historical ports which is destined to become one of the most charming yacht basins in the world, with mega yachts moored in the midst of the Roman dock, Porta Livorno, the wall of Urbano VIII with the mask by Bernini and the Michelangelo Fortress.

The mooring posts and buoys are already in position which will host up to 23 mega yachts from 40 to over 100 meters long.

Cruise terminal

Having completed expansion works of the Christopher Columbus Embankment, where before there were bends and bottle-necks, the Port Authority has created large squares with a new practicability and improved reception for transport means accessing the cruise terminal.
With a further investment of 35 M€ another 40 meter extension of a further 300 meter tract of the embankment is now foreseen, the RCT concessionaire company will make a series of service terminals for the 6 mega vessels which, once investments have been completed, can temporarily dock at the embankment.

Commercial port

Once wharf 25 is free of cruise traffic, the RPR can be fully implemented which will be used to serve the Container Terminal.
The same Terminal will be upgraded with 6 new Ship to Shore.
Handling potentiality will increase to 700,000 teus, with the goal for next year of handling a total of 300,000 teus.

Sea highway

The maritime works of the new ferry dock called Sant’Egidio, will be concluded at the beginning of 2015.
With the investment of 174 M€, according to Objective Law and financed by ICEP and the Port Authority, the port of Civitavecchia will have 9 new wharfs, of which 6 for cruise-ferry ro-ro, 2 for cruise liners and 1 dedicated docking terminal ex art. 18 nav. cod.
Apart from the 400 meter embankment extension, a new service dock will be built for the police boats, technical-nautical services, the fishing fleet, bunkering and shipyards.
The first 2 wharfs (27-28) will be ready by June 2013.

Public building and service works

For public building and service works, 83 M€. has to be found to render the new dock operative.
The 2005 planning involving the Superintendence, Police Forces and all future users of the dock is being reviewed.

Ferry terminal service area

With 70 M€ from 2014, building work of the ferry terminal apron, the new port and multi-storey car parks will commence.
The cellular caissons of port services will be developed using the “Rewec 3” system, which – with the aid of turbines – will allow the production of electricity by wave motion.
The project, chosen by the Italiacamp Foundation as one of the 17 innovative ideas to concentrate upon for the relauching of the Italian System, comes under the idea of “Ecologic Port” that the Port Authority is developing also with investments in photovoltaics, air quality and noise pollution monitoring and with the first 2 electrified wharfs of the Mediterranean.

Environmental mitigation and compensation works

In accordance with the E.I.A of Strategic Works, Environmental Mitigation and Compensation works are underway as listed below:

Second lot of Strategic works

The second lot of strategic works will change the character of the historical port and embankment.
The opening of the port southern access, as originally in the port of Trajan, will be carried out at the foot of the embankment, just beyond the Michelangelo Fortress, and will allow port traffic to be separated from passenger and commercial traffic thus avoiding the unrestricted use of the access.

Energy dock “darsena energetico grandi masse” Ist round of works

The investment for the energy dock “darsena energetico grandi masse” is completely private.
Initially, the majority of the concessionaire company, the Compagnia Porto di Civitavecchia spa, was held by Italpetroli of Franco Sensi, that was able to build the off-shore oil platform with the investments for the development of the energy port.
Afterwards the Gavio group took over the Compagnia Porto Civitavecchia, with Enel and Italpetroli, to which Unicredit took part afterwards, keeping a minority share.
Once demining operations have finished, the first round of works will start-up that entails the construction of the breakwater and multi-purpose wharf, with 80,000 sq mt of service area available, for an investment of approx. 120 M€.

Energy port - Darsena energetico grandi masse

Between the service dock and the energy dock ‘energetico-grandi masse’ the construction of a dry dock for the refitting of ships over 330 meters long, in virtue of the increasing demand of structures for the maintenance of large vessels.
Based upon market studies and analysis carried out to determine the technical characteristics and quantification of the economic framework, the lagoon will be a dry dock and state-of-the-art hydro port lift, which will have the necessary ground space. Work is planned to start-up in 2015 and finish in 2015.

Redevelopment of areas of appurtenance and APC offices

By June 2013 the intervention of approx. 2 million euro will be concluded that entails the completion of the atrium of the Port Authority new offices, with the refurbishing of the ground floor of the new office wing, previously occupied by the Customs Office, and the creation of a service area and rest stop for company employees.

Intermodal connections

As provided in the PRP, a new northern road access serving the new docks will be created, which together with the new slip roads connecting the S.P. Braccianese Claudia, work in progress and financed by ANAS, will streamline the actual road traffic flow entering Varco Vespucci, obviously also in preparation for the estimated new traffic flow.

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