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Development of Ist round of works port regulating plan port of Civitavecchia

The new Commercial Port of Fiumicino represents the crux in the completion of a strategic logistics system for the whole of Italy, not only for its geographical position, near Rome, but especially for the importance of the existing assets and infrastructure, such as the International Airport Leonardo da Vinci, Cargo City, Commercity, the Interport, the new Rome Fairground and the motorway network between the Tyrrhenian corridor and the GRA (ring road) that render this area the intermodal platform for the whole of central Italy.
The new seaport will be extremely important for commercial traffic and for passengers, both of the sea highways and cruises, being able to take advantage of the nearby airport, which can be linked directly by a people mover system; the possibility of reaching Rome in a short time and developing new tourist itineraries sailing on the Tiber.

Water safety measures of the estuary and new pedestrian bridge

To implement safety measures of the port canal estuary, awaiting the development of the new commercial port, it is necessary to promptly intervene on the seriously corroded banks near the pedestrian bridge, which will be rebuilt, which by now are seriously damaged due to the age of the structure.
Therefore in 2013 works for 10,200,000.00 € will start, finalized at water safety measures of the estuary and the construction of a new pedestrian bridge.
In order to resolve the long-standing problem caused by wave motion in the canal once and for all, the latter will be flooded and the old pedestrian walkway will be substituted.

Navigability of the Tiber

Concerning cruise liners, apart from the vicinity to Rome and the Leonardo da Vinci Airport, Fiumicino will be able to count upon the charm of mooring at the mouth of the Tiber, the navigability of which would allow on one hand, to create new historical itineraries, and on the other, to use the river for transporting tourists to Rome, streamlining road traffic, from Ostia Antica and from the Trajan Port sailing up the river in ad hoc boats until the Pope’s Dock at Porta Portese, where a new and modern passenger terminal could be created, perfectly blending into the historical-archaeological scenario of the area and linking up to the Rome transport network.

Connections and people movers

For the development and efficaciousness of the new project the following infrastructure will be of utmost importance: the northern connection, direction Aurelia San Pietro, for which the road network modification is planned as per Council Plan, linking up to the national road network at Torre in Pietra.
The doubling up of via di Coccia di Morto, completing the existing road network, by which the ring road would be created: Pesce Luna, Coccia di Morto, Foce Micina, New Commercial Port).
To further limit the impact on the road network of the Commercial Port traffic flow, shuttles and people movers linked to Leonardo Da Vinci Airport are to be taken into consideration, which would allow to connect the port and railway station, last station for Rome bound trains.

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